My passion for all things that grow stems back to my early childhood - almost before I can remember. During the summer months, my parents would drop me off at my grandparents' house on their way to work, and I'd immediately run to the garage to slip on my thrifted garden boots. I'd sit right beside my Memaw or Pepaw during those first few golden hours of sunlight, "helping" however I could as they taught me how to grow and nurture flowers, bushes, trees, vegetables, and fruits. In the afternoons, we'd cut Memaw's fully bloomed peonies to make room for the bursting pods, and we'd pick the ripened blackberries to make a homemade cobbler.

As an adult, my years at the University of Georgia geared me towards the well-traveled corporate path. While I thoroughly enjoy working for an experiential marketing agency with large companies as clients, I’m most fulfilled by the authentic, trusting relationships I’ve been able to establish with my clients as individuals. I truly believe that every person has specific traits that make them who they are and shape what they like, and taking the time to understand these traits in my clients has allowed me to provide work that’s carefully personalized and deliberate. More than anything, I enjoy working with my hands to bring interesting, elegant, unique, and mood-lifting visions to life.

As a professional, I pride myself on my unmatched work ethic, serious attention to detail, and genuine desire to uplift my clients and colleagues. In my personal life, I’m a vintage enthusiast, home décor fanatic, wife, and mama of two rescue Chihuahua-somethings!